Annual Meeting 2019

Last Night we have been able to enjoy the 33rd annual meeting of the Swiss Society of Charlotte. It was a festive event and we all enjoyed the great food prepared by the Chef Mario Thom.

We would like to thank all the volunteers, especially the members of the board, which are working very hard and diligently to make all those events a memorable and enjoyable event.

If you missed it, please take a look at the Event Calendar and mark every single day already now in your calendar. You wont be sorry!

Looking forward to seeing you at the next celebration of the Swiss Society of Charlotte.

Jassen 2019

The annual Jass Event took place on April 13th, 2019 and we are proud to announce that we have a new Jass Champion:

We congratulate Albert Hess to his first Champion Title – at the end – he had almost 100 points more as our defending Champion from last Year, Heinz Roth.

Our Champion 2019

The biggest trophy this Year went to our long term member, Lisa Siegenthaler – and she promised to train much more this Year to get ready for next Year.

Championesse 2019

see below the complete ranking list:

Annual Meeting 2018

For this years annual meeting we welcomed 48 members at the Da Vinci restaurant in the Hilton Executive Park Hotel.  Prior to feasting on delicious appetizers and an exquisite meal prepared by Swiss chef Mario Thom, the president, Markus Bersinger, held the meeting.  After a quick review of the past year’s events, the finances were presented and unanimously approved.

Unfortunately we had to say goodby to two board members, Manuela Corbetti our treasurer and Corinne Staub our secretary.  In their place we elected Ingrid Sapene as treasurer and Christian Hidden as secretary.  The two vacant board positions are filled by Lorena Riedener and Arnold Bucher, both as members at large.  We thanked Markus Bersinger our president for staying for another year, Maggie Deller-Haight as Vice President starting her second year of her fist term  and of course Marco Deillon our long term member at large and bar man at every event.  The entire board was confirmed with loud applause.  After adjourning the meeting the president opened the appetizer buffet, which was followed by an exquisite dinner selection.

As in past year’s Christian organized a super raffle with prizes like a fondue pot, liqueur and many other good prices to be won.  The income of the raffle topped $ 700.00, which entirely benefits the club.

A good time was had by all in attendance  and the crowd started thinning after 10pm and the meeting was officially closed at 11pm.

Fall Hike

For this year’s hike we gathered at Latta Plantation.  Unfortunately not as many folks attended, though the weather was perfect!  The hike was very nice and we have great picture as well, visit our gallery to view them.  After the hike those who wanted could go kayaking which was super with only one down side, kids under 16 weren’t allowed to join.  We grilled sausages and had lots of other goodies to feast on.  Even though we were only about 20, all had a good time and I would say those who missed it missed a fun afternoon with great comradery.

Congratulation to our New/Old Jass Champion 2018

Say Congratulations to our New Jass Champion 2018 Heinz Roth. It’s needless to say, but he managed now to take the trophy home for the second Year in a row.

We congratulate as well our second trophy winner, Jeanette, which has been

honored taking the last place trophy from our friends far far away. We are sending greetings as well to our friends “The Trinklers”.

Thanks to Marco Deillon and Markus Bersinger and their helpers, for organizing this annual event.

If you like to train your Jass abilities – there is a great application in the google app store swissjass which will help you getting better.

There are some more pictures in the Gallery 2018.


Raclette Evening 2018

Liebe Mitglieder der “Swiss Society of Charlotte”,

Herzlichen Dank für Euer zahlreiches Erscheinen an unserem Raclette Abend. Wir durften so viele Gäste willkommen heissen! Speziellen Dank auch denen, welche Salate und Desserts mitgebracht hatten!

Und natürlich auch ein Danke an alle Board Members für ihren grossartigen Einsatz! Von Tischdekorationen, welche Corinne liebevoll mit Hilfe von ihren Kindern und ihrem Mann verrichtete, zu Christian, welcher die zahlreichen Tombola Preise organisiert und die Gewinner hiermit erfreut hat, hin zum Marco, unserem tollen Barkeeper, so dass keiner verdursten musste!

Auch ein ganz herzliches Dankeschön an Reto, unserem Fotograf, welcher den Abend in Bildern festgehalten hat. Und auch an Gino, welcher die speziellen “Käse” Namensschilder wochenlang auf seinen 3D Printer ausgedruckt. Besten Dank für Deinen Einsatz! Eine ewige Erinnerung an diesen Event.

Ich möchte auch noch erwähnen, dass dank der Initiative unseres Präsidenten Markus die Swiss Society auf “green” umgestiegen ist. Der Klub hat nun wiederverwendtbares Geschirr, Gläser, Tassen und Besteck.

Leider mussten wir uns an diesem Abend von Rahel als VP verabschieden, da sie mit ihrer Familie in die Schweiz zurückziehen wird. Wir wünschen ihr und ihrer Familie einen guten Übergang zurück in die Schweiz.

So durften wir aber Ingrid Grosjean als neues Board Member at Large willkommen heissen und Maggie, vorheriges Member at Large, ist als neue Vize Präsidentin nun eingesetzt worden. Herzlich Willkommen!

Gerne erwarten wir eure Anregungen und Kommentare um unsere zukünftigente Anlässe noch besser gestalten zu können.

Besten Dank an Alle!


Dear members of the “Swiss Society of Charlotte”,

Thank you for the large attendance at our Raclette Evening! We were able to welcome so many guests! Special thanks to those that brought salad and desserts.

And a very big thank you for all the board members and their help organizing the event! From the beautiful table decorations that Corinne, with the help from her children and husband, affectionately did, to Christian, who organized the bountiful raffle prizes and delighted the winners, all the way to Marco, our awesome bar tender who made sure no one was left thirsty!

Also a big thank you to Reto, our photographer, who took memorable pictures of our wonderful evening. And a thank you to Gino, who 3-D printed our special “Käse” name tags over multiple weeks. Those will be memorable for the event.

I would also like to bring up that, thanks to Marcus, our club has become green! The Swiss Society now has reusable plates, silverware and glasses.

Sadly we had to say goodbye to Rahel as our VP since she and her family will be moving back to Switzerland. We wish them all the best and hope they have a safe journey back.

Through this, we are able to welcome Ingrid Grosjean as a new board member at large and Maggie, former member at large, as our new VP! Welcome to the “Club”!

We are looking forward to hearing from you, our members, on comments and ideas to improve our upcoming events this year.

Thank you all!




Liebe Swiss Klub Mitglieder,

Im Namen des Vorstandes wünschen ich Euch allen ein gesundes, erfolgreiches und erlebnisreiches Jahr 2018!cheese.jpg

Unser Racletteessen steht vor der Tür und wir freuen uns riesig darauf Euch zahlreich am 17. Februar im Sardis begrüssen zu dürfen.

Wer steht schon gerne in der Kälte beim Eingang um Eintritt zu zahlen? Müßt Ihr nicht!

Bitte bezahlt im Voraus! Danke!

Die Kosten für das Raclette sind pro Person $25.00 für Mitglieder und $35.00 für Nicht-Mitglieder.

Der fälligen Mitgliedsbeitrag 2018 ist $25.00 für Singles und $40.00 für Familien.

Beide Schecks können ganz einfach im gleichen Kuvert aufgegeben werden und alles ist erledigt. ????

Ganz lieben Dank für Euer Entgegenkommen und dass ihr meine Arbeit damit viel einfacher macht.

Bitte vergesst auch nicht etwas Kleingeld für Bier, Wein, sowie für die Tombola mitzubringen!

Auch dieses Jahr werden wir wieder ein kleines Wissensquizz für unserere Teilnehmer haben.

Herzlichsten Dank, liebe Grüße und bis bald!



Dear Swiss Club Members,

In the name of the board I wish you all a healthy, successful and prosperous Year 2018!

Our yearly Raclette dinner is just around the corner and we are looking forward to seeing you many of there on February 17th.

Who likes waiting at the entrance in the cold to pay for admission? You don’t have to!

Please pay in advance! Thank you!

The cost for the Raclette is $25.00 for members and $35.00 for non-members.

The membership dues for 2018 are $25.00 for singles and $40.00 for families.

Just put both checks in an envelope and you are all set. ????

I personally thank everyone in advance who is making my work much easier.

Please do not forget to bring some pocket money for beer and wine as well as for our raffle!

We will have this year once again a “pop” quiz for our attendees.

Thank you very much, warm regards and see you soon!



Raclette Event Info

Cheese and Meat Order

Thank you

Liebe Mitglieder, dear Members,

Besten Dank für Eure Teilnahme an unserem Annual Meeting.
Thank you so much for your attending our Annual Meeting.

Wir hoffen ihr habt den Samstag Abend genossen und seid gut heimgekommen.
We hope you enjoyed Saturday evening and arrived home safely.

Wir bedanken uns bei Chef Mario für das köstliche Essen.
Chef Mario, we thank you for the delicious meal.

Wir bedanken uns bei Christian für seine Preisideen und originelle Verpackung.
Christian, thank you for your great price choices and inventive wrapping.

Wir bedanken uns auch bei Reto für das Fotografieren.
Reto, thank you for taken pictures for this event.

Diese findet ihr unter
Please check them out at

Wir gratulieren Markus Bersinger für sein erstes vollendetes Jahr als President der Swiss Society of Charlotte.
Congratulation to Markus Bersinger for his first year as President of the Swiss Society of Charlotte.

Mit besten Grüßen,
With best regards,

Corinne, Maggie, Manuela and Rahel

Annual Meeting 2017

We cordially invite you to our 2017 Annual Meeting followed by Dinner. As in year’s past Executive Chef, Mario Thom has prepared an exquisite

+++ Swiss Themed +++

Menu and will be manning the carving station himself Wine will be served with  Dinner. The board is looking forward to seeing many of you there.

+++ Where +++
“DaVinci’s” Restaurant
Hilton Charlotte Executive Park
5624 Westpark Drive
Charlotte, NC 28217
Tel: 704-527-8000
+++ When +++
Saturday, November 4, 2017
18:30 Reception / Apéro
19:15 Annual Meeting
20:00 Dinner / Cash bar

+++ Please remember seating is limited so reserve your Seat early +++

+++ Cost +++
Members: $40.00 per person
Guests: $ 50.00 per person

+++ RSVP by October 28th +++
Manuela Corbetti, our Treasurer, will be happy to register you.

Please contact her at  +++ or 561-329-1930 +++

+++ Tasks at Hand +++

1. Welcoming of the Board Members and Guests
2. Review of past Year’s Events
3. Review of Finances
4. Release of the board
5. Selection of Election Judges
6. Introduction of Maggie Deller as new Member at Large
7. Elections
8. The Board will address your Questions

The Dinner Buffet will be opened after completion of our Annual Meeting
The Board is looking forward to welcoming and catching up with You soon!